Mixing and dissolving equipment for every process.

The equipment of Ytron, manufactured in Germany, with patented technology has offered the perfect suspending, dissolving and mixing solutions for the process industry for decades. The equipment of Ytron and its unrivalled performance are particularly well-established in the industrial sectors where dry products meet liquids.

Globally, Ytron in-line suspending solutions prove their added-value to a wide audience. The Ytron range reaches further with the PID (Powder Injection Dispersion) systems in which powders are pre-wetted in the injection chamber before being fully dispersed in the reactor, even in the case of difficult-to-wet powders.

Several characteristics of the Ytron equipment:

  • Perfect dissolving/dispersing of difficult powders including caseinates, CMC, protein, starch, thickeners etc
  • Full dispersion of powders in a continuous process
  • No air entrainment for the dispersion of larger volumes of powder, up to approximately 10,000kg/h
  • High concentrations of dry product are possible, up to 70%
  • CIP and SIP cleaning is possible
  • ATEX executions is possible
  • High-quality pharmaceutical models are included in the product range