Milling/sieving equipment mainly for the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemicals industries. The Swiss-made high-quality milling/sieving equipment is particularly well-suited for the precision grinding of particles ranging from product lumps of up to 60cm in size to grains as small as 50┬Ám.

Globally, the Frewitt machinery is a real notion mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. Encouraged by this success, Frewitt also developed a series of machinery specifically for the food industry. Frewitt has a highly professional test facility in Switzerland where we are keen to test your products extensively. The results will be shared with you in an elaborate report (including photographs) with conclusions and recommendations.

Main characteristics of Frewitt equipment:

  • A wide range of high-quality Phamaceutical models is included in the standard supply programme
  • CIP and SIP cleaning is possible
  • Various ATEX models are also available
  • Reliable equipment with a very long lifespan
  • Innovative models

The features and reference list of Frewitt equipment can be made available to you upon request.