Aero Mechanical Conveyor

Floveyor from Australia is the original developer of the Aero Mechanical Conveyor principle. The system was developed in 1960 as a highly-efficient system for conveying peanuts. These days, the Floveyor Aero Mechanical Conveyors are used in over 30 countries for the conveying of a wide range of powders and granulates. The Floveyor Aero Mechanical Conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk goods in a wide range of sectors, including the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Operating principle

The Aero Mechanical Conveyor consists of two conveyor tubes with a conveyor rope running through them. The rope has plastic discs installed at equal distances from each other and is driven by a motor. The discs run at a relatively high speed (approximately 4m/sec) free from the surface of the tubes to create an airflow that fluidises the bulk goods. This principle ensures a high throughput while the degradation and separation of the dry materials are limited.

Compared with other types of conveyors, the main benefits of the Aero Mechanical Conveyor are:

  • Degradation-free transport of fragile materials
  • Dust-free operation, due to the fully enclosed installation
  • High potential capacity of between 5 and 50m³/h
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Lower and long-run operational expenditure
  • Easy cleaning

In all cases the capacity depends on the volumetric mass density, particle size and the material’s characteristics.

Floveyor’s features and reference list can be made available to you upon request.