High-quality vibratory separators for dry and wet applications in the process industry.

For over 15 years, vibratory separators have been developed and produced for Amkco by the technicians of Rolls Royce Aero Space. Over the years, Amkco has developed itself into one of the most high-quality sieving brands in the world. The Amkco vibratory separators are supplied to over 40 countries and are used for powders and granulates in a wide range of industries. For example; the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors. In addition to this, the Amkco vibratory separators can be used for various wet sieve applications.

Global overview of the supply programme of AMKCO:

  • Vibratory screens with diameters ranging from 18 inch (450mm) to 60 inch (1.500mm)
  • Capacity can be increased by using larger outlets
  • Specific models including the Auxiliary series, Straight Flow, Sloping Pan and Multiple Spouts
  • Various cleaning systems can be used to further optimise your sieving processes such as: sliders (rings, available in various materials), balls (various materials), CIP cleaning, Rotary Spray, White neoprene scrapers and Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Product contact parts are made from stainless steel 304 (optionally 316)
  • ATEX executions are also available
  • A very wide range of separator screens are available with a short delivery time